Success Stories

Over 300 projects

Corscience has been developing systems in the field of medical technology for 20 years. Our many years of experience and wide-ranging expertise have enabled us to implement over 300 projects across a wide range of sectors. And, of course, every project is different. Find out more by browsing through a selection of our success stories.

We always guarantee absolute confidentiality towards our customers. So we trust you will understand that it’s not possible to list some of our projects.

Precise diagnostic power for ECGs: HES® algorithm now also utilized in the asia-pacific region

Reliable diagnostic support: Physicians and patients in the Asia-Pacific region now also benefit from ECG devices with interpretation software based on Corscience's HES® Resting algorithm.

“ReinHeart” Artificial Heart System: Corscience implements physiological control

Together with ReinHeart TAH GmbH and RWTH Aachen University, Corscience has developed physiological control for the fully implantable artificial heart system “ReinHeart”. This allows the pump capacity of the artificial heart to automatically adapt to the patient’s own circulatory condition. This closed-loop control system has already delivered promising results in laboratory tests.

Foot control panel for the operating room: Corscience develops hardware, firmware and mechanics

Systems engineering is one of our core competences here at Corscience. This is where we offer everything from a single source: Hardware, firmware and mechanics development. We were once again able to demonstrate our expertise in systems engineering and mechanics to develop a new type of foot control panel for use in the operating room for a long-standing customer.

20 years of experience and innovation

For more than 20 years now, we’ve stood for high-quality medical devices. Our technologies can also be found in many life-supporting systems – from electrostimulation to ventilation to components for heart support systems.

Capnography for emergency care and clinical use

Measuring CO2 is part of our core expertise. See below for our specialist article on capnography for emergency care and clinical use.


About the development of a compact defibrillation and monitoring unit to be used in demanding emergency situations. A perfect project for our expertise Monitoring & Electrical Stimulation.

History in Mobile Health by Corscience

From telemedicine and mobile health and our nearly 20-year experience in the development of systems and products for the acquisition of mobile medical device data.

Corscience technology in the fields of MRT

Due to a specific customer issue, Corscience was able to extend the field of application of its capnography module CAP201 in a few steps.

Corscience produces thousands of AEDs for Cardia International

A short report about a development project together with Cardia International, based in Holland, and the successful transition to series production and life-cycle management.

The development of defibrillators – a Corscience success story

A brief look back on Corscience’s history and its development projects in the defibrillation sector.

IT Security for medical products

As an experienced development service provider, Corscience reports on the development and challenges of the secure networking of medical devices

ECMO: Safety electronics for an ‘artificial lung’

Corscience develops the safety electronics and the alarm system for a mobile device for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

Vyntus ECG

Wireless ECG in ergospirometry: Support from the initial concept right up to approval of the medical system.


Use of capnometry module CAP201 in the emergency respirator MEDUMAT Standard² from WEINMANN EMT.

Cardio Secur®

The smartphone as a lifesaver - The Corscience ECG analysis HES in a medical app

Suntech BP Monitor

Development of an in-hospital blood pressure monitor for Suntech Medical (USA)