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HES® algorithm now also utilized in the Asia-Pacific region

Reliable diagnostic support: Physicians and patients in the Asia-Pacific region now also benefit from ECG devices with interpretation software based on Corscience’s HES® Resting algorithm.

The Taiwanese manufacturer BriteMED has now integrated the algorithm into its new version of 12-lead portable ECG devices. This enables doctors to detect cardiac abnormalities such as arrhythmias more quickly and reliably. The automated analysis of the measurement data supports them in diagnosis and treatment decisions. The resting ECG devices will be used in clinics and by physicians in private practice, as well as in the growing field of telemedicine. We spoke with BriteMED about the decision to put their trust in HES®.

What do you see as the benefits for your customers when ECG devices are now equipped with an interpretation algorithm?

We sell our devices in large numbers to general practitioners. ECG interpretation is something that experienced cardiologists do every day, of course, and very accurately. But a general practitioner, who sees dozens of patients every day with a wide variety of medical conditions, benefits significantly in their workflows, diagnoses and treatments from the speed and precision that digital solutions can now offer. The interpretation software assists them for quick ECG pre-screening and consults specialty doctors if necessary. In the emergency medicine, it also facilitates triage to shorten the procedure to get prompt medical treatment.

What convinced you to utilize the HES® Resting algorithm?

The established HES® Resting algorithm has a proven accuracy by the CSE database validation and is ready for use in CE- and FDA-certified medical devices. Its superior accuracy in detecting ventricular hypertrophy and myocardial infarction has made it our first choice. Their early detection may significantly decrease mortality of affected patients.

Which operating systems and platforms does your ECG device support?

Our BriteMED 12-lead portable ECG currently supports Windows operating systems. The PC-based concept is thus suitable for clinical use and for general medical care in practices and centers. Thanks to open API for Windows, Linux and Android, we have the possibility to develop a wide variety of applications and integrate the functionalities. Thus, our device is ready for mobile use and telemedicine.

For which markets will your ECG system with HES® be available?

Our BriteMED 12-lead portable ECG with HES® algorithm can be applied to not only GP clinics but also tele-cardiology solution, telemedicine kit or workstation, mobile clinic, and AI applications that further utilize the possibilities of e.g. deep learning. We will first focus in Asia specific, especially for South East Asia, India, and Australia. The application of market entrance for Europe and US is ongoing and expected to be ready in 2022.

BriteMED supplies its solutions to healthcare providers primarily in Southeast Asia.

About Corscience’s ECG analysis algorithms

As a specialist for monitoring solutions, Corscience has been providing leading ECG interpretation algorithms for many years. In Europe and North America, our proven algorithms already empower tens of thousands of ECG devices to output more than just waveforms and data tables. They analyze and interpret intelligently the measurement data and provides plain-text diagnostic information. Whether bradycardia or tachycardia, extrasystoles, bi- or trigeminy, fibrillation or flutter, ventricular hypertrophy or myocardial infarction: Corscience’s analysis algorithms enable faster and more precise detection of rhythmological and morphological abnormalities. And thus, a more rapid and targeted treatment.

In the future, in addition to integration into ECG systems and proprietary software, the algorithms will be available as a cloud-based solution. COR.Cloud will include server-based analysis services of ECG data – and is expected to be available from the end of 2021.

About BriteMED

Since 2009, BriteMED has been manufacturing and marketing innovative medical devices and electronic medical solutions that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. Leveraging the core technologies – Bio-Signal Processing, Video Signal Imaging, Medical Electronics, IoT Technology – BriteMED developed complete solutions, covering vital sign device, medical monitor, medical workstation, and telehealth solutions.

With the trained in-house R&D, production and sales & marketing team, we aim to develop reliable and technology-driven solutions that make people’s lives better – whether they are doctors, nurses or patients. At BriteMED, “Celebrate Humanity With Technology” is realizing and all the solutions are designed, tested and refined with the clinical environment in mind.

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