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Customizable ECG solutions for monitoring and defibrillation

Corscience supplies tested ECG algorithms that go beyond standard requirements.

An important component of our development work is our established ECG algorithms, which can be specifically adapted to hardware. We offer the classic 3/6/12-channel ECGs and can customize ECG leads to meet your needs. The basis is the globally used HES algorithm with first-class detection accuracy, which enables us to precisely detect morphologies and rhythmic abnormalities. We have already optimized it for stress, real-time and resting ECGs, so it is ready for your applications.

We can implement a wide range of functions for you:

  • Rhythm analysis: VES, SVES, ventricular tachycardia, bradycardia, fibrillation/flutter, Holter
  • Interpretations: P-waves, T-wave repolarization abnormalities, T-wave analysis on epicardial ECGs, QRS-T interpretation
  • VF/VT detection algorithm
  • R-wave detection for cardioversion

Our algorithms for the highest demands.

For innovative medical technology and the development of new devices, we are often faced with individual requirements that demand a high level of expertise and enormous precision. We put this expertise to the test every day, delivering signal processing and algorithms that go far beyond the normative requirements:

  • Signal processing
    • Filtering of pacemaker signals
    • Signal enhancement and common mode rejection (CMRR)
    • Noise suppression
    • Filtering of motion artifacts (CPR & stress ECG)
    • Real-time R-wave and T-wave detection for CT & MRI triggering
    • Algorithm for shock decision in AEDs, high-precision VF/VT algorithm
    • R-wave detection and HW filter
  • Use Cases
    • Epicardial lead on the heart for special applications (external pacemaker)
    • 12-channel for monitoring
    • Paddle ECG for professional defibrillators
    • 1-channel with electrodes for AED

Discover our ECG solutions for patient monitors, ventricular assist devices and defibrillation. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

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