Feedback Sensor for Effective Chest Compressions

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Emergency services and medical staff know: In case of cardiac arrest, immediate resuscitation measures are crucial. The key is chest compressions. Continuous, rhythmic chest compressions help to keep the blood circulating with residual oxygen. Additionally, the mechanical impulses can restore the heart back to a normal sinus rhythm.

Push (fka COR.CPR Feedback) helps to maintain the appropriate pressure depth and frequency. The sensor detects the movement and provides information for optimization.

Helpful feedback during cardiopulmonary resuscitation


  • Precise measurement of pressure depth and frequency
  • Data output to host system (e.g. defibrillator or monitor)
  • The shape and design facilitate correct positioning


  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Intuitive handling
  • Customizable connection to the host system
  • Reusable medical device with a long product lifetime

Areas of use

Push is designed to be connected to a host system such as a defibrillator or a monitor. In an acute emergency, the sensor helps to perform qualitative and guideline-compliant chest compressions. Effective resuscitation can be required anywhere. Typical areas of use are:

  • Rescue services
  • Emergency medicine
  • Clinical care
  • Practice
  • Training

The most important technical data of the accessory Push

  • Measuring range of the pressure depth: 2.0 to 10.1 cm, accuracy
  • Measuring range of the pressure frequency: 30 to 150 compressions per minute, accuracy ±3 compressions per minute
  • Product lifetime: up to 5 years
  • Connection: optionally digital (USB) or serial (RS485/UART) with a cable length of 200 cm

Download product sheet

Available soon

Push Development Kit

We have almost finished developing the sensor. In a few months, a development kit will be ready for your integration tests. Interested? We can present the technology to you today using prototypes.

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