COR.Cloud – ECG Analysis in a Cloud Environment


At the end of 2021, Corscience will launch COR.Cloud, a cloud-based solution for resting ECGs. Users benefit in several ways.

Established analysis with HES®

Thanks to HES®, Corscience is already offering reliable analysis algorithms and extensive experience in ECG analysis and diagnostics. We’re now making this expertise available to our customers with COR.Cloud as a server-based service via API. We’re continuously improving and developing the algorithms and they’re always up to date in COR.Cloud. So now users don’t have to worry about updates.

Simple integration

COR.Cloud interacts with our mobile Bluetooth ECG COR12 perfectly via a suitable host system, but can also be easily connected to almost any other ECG solution with internet connectivity. Use COR.Cloud across platforms and expand your existing system or display unit with the intelligent, automated ECG analysis function.

Flexible pricing model

Pay-per-use – you only pay for what you use. Our flexible pricing model ensures transparency and accounting security.

Maximum IT security

We also take care of the data protection for you. The automated ECG analysis provides maximum IT security. All processed data is hosted exclusively in Germany in compliance with the GDPR.

Certified according to CE and MDR

COR.Cloud is certified according to CE as well as MDR in accordance with the latest requirements for medical devices. In this way, the cloud-based ECG analysis can be used internationally across a wide variety of applications.

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