Cardio Secur®

Cardio Secur

The smartphone as a lifesaver – The Corscience ECG analysis HES® in a medical app

An ECG analysis for non-professionals – anytime, anywhere? This vision has become reality: with the smartphone-based mobile ECG CardioSecur® for private use by Personal Med Systems and the algorithmics by Corscience. The customer’s idea had been to develop a mobile ECG analysis via app using a specific ECG cable to enable patients to monitor their heart’s state of health always and everywhere. Our ECG analysis software HES® evaluates and interprets the ECG data to give patients an instant recommendation on what to do. The app CardioSecur® provides this advice in an easily understandable way by using a colour-coded system similar to a traffic light.

Our HES® library was originally developed for use on PC. Since the demand for miniature medical devices is increasing steadily, the use on mobile devices is gaining more importance. During this project the ECG software was ported to Apple’s operating system iOS for the first time.

The cooperation has resulted in a class lla medical device which is certified according to the CE standard. This has been the first integration of our HES library in an approved medical app. In March 2021, Personal MedSystems GmbH also received the EU MDR compliance approval for CardioSecur®. CardioSecur® is now available for download in the Apple App Store.

The product will be maintained by our Maintenance & Care Premium Support in the future. As a result, the compatibility with the recent iOS devices and the ECG analysis function will be guaranteed.

Would you also like to integrate an ECG analysis in your software or approve your software as a medical product?

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