The world’s smallest AED: expert know-how as a service

OOONO joule

Corscience is achieving milestones in medical technology.

With our wealth of experience, visionaries are free to expand their boundaries. This is demonstrated by the development of the world’s smallest automated external defibrillator (AED) – a development service for the Danish medical start-up OOONO Medical.

Corscience has built up over 20 years of technological expertise in the field of defibrillation. We develop hardware, software and algorithms for our customers. Joule®, the world’s smallest AED, demonstrates the technological milestones that can be achieved in doing so. With our help, OOONO Medical will be able to bring its domestic lifesaver onto the market more quickly. 

Technology with very high safety requirement

AEDs save people’s lives. Defibrillators for lay persons must be safe and work smoothly – even after years without active use. Full system performance is needed, from naught to a hundred. In addition to electrical safety, algorithms are required which, on the one hand, trigger regular system checks automatically and, on the other, reliably analyze the measured ECG values. This is the only way a lay person can decide whether an electric shock can restore the heart’s natural rhythm or whether the rhythm is non-shockable.

The additional challenge of miniaturization

The world’s smallest AED must also overcome challenges of this nature. This is no easy feat. For example, the less space available between the conductive paths, the higher the risk of unwanted currents. The smaller the defibrillation board, the more challenging it is to equip it with maximum shock energy. For its technical solutions, Corscience always thinks outside the box and keeps an eye on the developments of highly innovative technologies in other areas as well, and at manufacturing costs that remain affordable for everyone in series production.

Oooono joule AED

Experience as a starting point

Customers who come to us never start from scratch. We have put together a comprehensive, modular technology portfolio of all our technological milestones, and we build on this when it comes to the system architecture, software, hardware and mechanics of the smallest AED. But it’s not just our development know-how and technology expertise that ensure maximum safety for OOONO Medical. The start-up is also supported by a team that acts in an agile and interdisciplinary manner when it comes to issues such as regulatory requirements in the various markets.

Development on an equal footing

At the moment, we are overcoming the final challenges together. Because for us, communicating openly and maintaining personal, trust-based contact with fixed contact persons go without saying. This is the only way to get innovative projects that are about pushing boundaries off the ground. Together, we have the energy required to pack so much technology into such a small device.

Let us talk about your project!

Whether in the clinical environment, in rescue services and emergency medicine or for lay use in public: We support you in the development of defibrillation solutions.

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