History in Mobile Health by Corscience

Mobile Health

From telemedicine and mobile health and our nearly 20-year experience in the development of systems and products for the acquisition of mobile medical device data.

Mobile Health & Vital Sign Sensors

As with our defibrillators, the development of mobile medical terminals at Corscience can be traced back to preliminary work conducted by students at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In the years up to 2008, the findings obtained there led to the first measurement devices that could transfer vital signs such as ECG, SpO2, blood pressure, weight or peak flow to a web server via the wireless standard Bluetooth®. As a gateway between the measuring device and the web files, either an appropriately programmed mobile phone or the internally developed Bluetooth-compatible BL analog modem was used.

Mobile Health & Telemedicine

In the following years, the increased computing power of microcontrollers with constant power consumption resulted in the emergence of new fields of application. Thus, other products were developed that could implement powerful algorithms and, for example, carry out posture and movement analyses, or transfer abnormal ECG events to a telemedicine provider immediately after they occur (CorBelt, Tesys). The focus of these applications was medical use. Therefore all of the products were used in the settings of remote diagnosis, remote treatment, remote monitoring/disease management, prevention and emergency care.

Mobile Health & Service/Maintenance

For a number of years now it has been observed that medical areas of application are being supplemented by service and maintenance tasks. A current example of this is defibrillators that often have an option for both local (Bluetooth®, WLAN) and also remote (UMTS, LTE) telemetry. These same interfaces can then be used to transfer operation data as well as perform maintenance tasks.

Mobile Health & Communication

Recent Corscience developments in the fields of mobile health and monitoring implement a range of interfaces for local and remote communication. In particular, these include Bluetooth®, WLAN, USB, Ethernet, UMTS and LTE. The gateway function to the web server takes over either the integrated modem or the adapted APP on the mobile phone.

Mobile Health & Corscience

Thanks to our long-standing project experience in the mobile health and monitoring sector, we have expert knowledge regarding the development of mobile medical devices, secure networking and the implementation of entire telemedicine systems, in compliance with ISO 13485. Through our project experience, we have gained extensive market and user knowledge, which means that we can also offer future development projects or license solutions in this sector. As a ‚one-stop shop‘, Corscience offers an extensive range of production services and OEM products in this COR Technology

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