Suntech BP Monitor

Suntech BP Monitor

Development of an in-hospital blood pressure monitor for Suntech Medical (USA)

We developed a modular blood pressure monitor for use inside hospitals with SpO2 and temperature expansion modules and FDA clearance for Suntech Medical (USA). Through the implemented USB interface, the device can be expanded with Bluetooth, Wifi, a printer and a barcode scanner. The power is provided through a power supply or a battery (12h operation).

Communication with the hospital network takes place via Ethernet and Wifi via the HL7 protocol. The device provides the necessary connectivity and network security, enabling a frictionless integration into existing hospital systems in a clinical environment.

For configuration and the installation of new software, the device’s own web server can be used. This makes an external software superfluous and reduced corresponding efforts in the development and approval.

A Linux operating system was used as a basis for the system, which could be used efficiently through the modular development strategy at Corscience. In addition, the modular approach that was implemented throughout the entire system leads to a supply chain that allows a compilation of product variants until before delivery.

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