Gesture Controlled Lighting Concept for Surgical Operations

 Gesture Controlled Lighting Concept for Surgical Operations

We developed an innovative approach to voice and gesture-controlled illumination of a surgical environment up to a first technical model. The result was a mechatronic system, consisting of electronic, sensor and mechanical components.

The model includes type 16 LED spotlights, which are circularly arranged on the ceiling and can provide the required brightness, color temperate and depth illumination. The distribution of the orientation coordinates to the individual lights is accomplished via CAN-Bus. A micro-controller controls gears and gear belt drives via mechanical actuators. Sensors are used as input variables, which control the temperature of the LED, stop (photocell) and position (stepping motor). In addition, the light intensity is controlled by the current and regulated at the LED.

Supported by our in-house prototype development experts, the model was developed through many tests and experiments. As a result of the development, we can present a challenging mechatronic system, which can now be transferred from the first technical model into a production ready product.

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