Corscience produces thousands of AEDs for Cardia International

 Corscience produces thousands of AEDs for Cardia International

A short report about a development project together with Cardia International, based in Holland, and the successful transition to series production and life-cycle management.

Since the foundation of the company back in 2011, Corscience has been operating as a development service provider of automatic external and professional defibrillators for emergency medicine, use in clinics as well as for use by non-professionals. As a one-stop shop, Corscience offers an extensive range of licensed products and production services, including for electrostimulation.

The close interaction between development and manufacturing during the production of life saving and life supporting systems is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. This is the only way we can ensure the development and production of safety-critical systems which meet the very highest standards. The successful development of an AED with subsequent production for Cardia International aptly illustrates the effectiveness of our offering.

Cardia International has been a firm project partner for Corscience in the field of defibrillation since 2006. This partnership got under way with the development of the fully and semi-automatic AED ‚CardiAid‘ and, today, comprises all aspects of life-cycle management as well as series production of the product. At the same time as these activities, Corscience has also been assisting Cardia International with its efforts to establish a QM system in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 and is currently conducting country-specific product approvals for Brazil, Iran and China to name but a few. To date, Corscience has produced thousands of AEDs for Cardia International and distributed these to more than 30 different countries around the world.

To be able to react rapidly to changing market demands, our production lines are classified according to order volumes. In terms of logistics, the site in Erlangen is set up for smaller to medium-sized orders. Henstedt-Ulzburg comes into its own for the production of larger quantities. This strategic alignment allows us to handle development projects extremely efficiently. If you have any questions on our portfolio, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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