Application of the CAP201 in an MRI patient monitor

Application of the CAP201 in an MRI patient monitor

With just a few simple steps, Corscience expanded the area of ​​application of its capnography module CAP201 for a customer.

Application of the CAP201 in an MRI patient monitor (up to 3 Tesla):

The CAP201 capnography module was developed by Corscience specifically for the continuous monitoring of the CO2 concentration of the tidal air in bypass mode. It operates on the basis of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology and utilises optical filters to limit the reference and measuring wavelengths. Through this feature and other technical innovations, the CAP201 offers significant performance advantages compared to other systems that operate dispersively.
Following a request from a customer, the well-known MRI patient monitor manufacturer ‚Iradimed‘, the CAP201 capnography module was further developed into a special non-magnetic version. This version of the CAP201 can therefore be used in MRI patient monitors with a magnetic field strength of up to 3 Tesla and expands the scope of the CAP201 to include another area of application.

The 3880 MRI patient monitor from Iradimed is a non-magnetic monitoring solution that accompanies the patient between their care unit and the MRI suite. This not only guarantees the continuous monitoring of the patient, but also ensures patient safety during the MRI examination.

Thanks to the 3880 monitor’s flexible battery operation, the mobility of the device is considerably improved and ensures consistent patient monitoring during transport.

Thanks to the monitor’s wide range of application, it can be used from the patient’s initial emergency admission in the hospital. Thus the use of another, stationary monitor in the MRI suite is now obsolete and the duration of the patient’s hospitalisation can be reduced through the continuous quality of care in the MRI suite.


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