Monitoring & Systems Engineering

Monitoring & Systems Engineering

By taking the example of monitoring and systems engineering, we show you why Corscience is the best partner for Medical Device Engineering, Products & Licenses and Manufacturing & Test Services.

The main function of many medical devices is measuring and visualizing vital parameters. In order to be able to implement corresponding product developments, the people involved need to have broad technical, normative and medical expertise. If experience with safety-critical systems is also added, life-supporting or life-saving systems can also be developed on this basis, which are based on these monitoring functions.

Systems engineering requirements​

System development, which has to combine extensive software programs with complex circuit electronics and mechatronic requirements, can often be a challenge in these kinds of development projects. Various operating systems, programming languages, analogue and digital circuit parts as well as mechatronic components are used for this.

Here at Corscience, this technical experience has been built up over a large number of projects. This includes in-house developments for data logging (see ChipOxCOR12CAP201) but also service projects for monitoring (e.g. SuntechVyntus…), defibrillation (e.g. MEDUCORE Standard²) or cardiopulmonary support.

Monitoring – one of our core skills

With a focus on our five areas of expertise, which are electrostimulation, monitoring, gas analysis, mobile health and ventilation, we can specifically apply our technical expertise as well as our knowledge of medical users and the market to customer projects. Beyond these areas of expertise, customers benefit from our broad technical knowledge and many years of experience in systems engineering. Fundamental within the expertise of monitoring is our long-standing project experience with Embedded Linux, Windows and many other operating systems. Completed with our knowledge in the area of signal acquisition and analysis of e. g. ECGs, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and capnometry (CO2), we are able to develop medical devices in an efficient way which measures a large number of medical parameters and additionally visualize them on a display.

We would be happy to apply our knowledge and experience to your projects. Whether for product development, OEM modules or as a production service – you can benefit from our expertise in all areas.

Contact us and we can discuss how to make your project idea a reality.

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