We are experts in transport and emergency ventilation.

As a one-stop shop, we develop and produce ventilation solutions for a variety of different applications. We take a holistic approach to this task. That means we don’t just prioritize ventilation performance and ventilation modes, but we also focus on intuitive operation of the devices, their mechanical robustness and their connectivity to other systems.

Our expertise

  • Developing a ventilator for use in emergency situations, during transport, or in the home or intensive care
  • Graphical user interfaces for monitoring and alarm management, including PC software and medical apps
  • Reliable electronics for safety-critical systems
  • Modern and secure interfaces for mobile and clinical environments
  • Sturdy and robust design for mobile solutions that will withstand harsh environments

Examples of our projects

  • Modules for ventilators (mobile, emergency, hospital)
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
  • NO (nitric oxide) generator
  • Flow measurement in ventilators, spirometers
  • Capnography module CAP201
  • and many more
Tobias Tröger

Dr. Tobias Tröger

Head of Research & Development

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