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“In medical technology, development a matter of evolution rather than revolution, albeit in giant steps.”

Jörg Pintaske has been our Managing Director at Corscience since the end of 2021. We speak to him about what he appreciates about our CORmunity and how we are evolving with current industry challenges.

You’ve been on board with Corscience for a few months now. Has anything surprised you during this time?

I had already heard a lot about the CORmunity beforehand. But seeing how committed the people are here, how much the common values and the common path really mean to everyone – I hadn’t expected to see that as much as I have. There’s a very special corporate culture here. It’s remarkable.

On top of this, there’s an astonishingly high level of competence and expertise across the company. So much knowledge and brilliant ideas – that’s extremely valuable for us and our customers. And I think there’s even more that has not yet been revealed. I’m really excited to see what treasures we will unearth there in the future.

“Better Hightech. Better Health.” is the Corscience slogan. What do you think this actually means for us and our customers?

Our corporate slogan is two-fold: On the one hand, this is a very high ambition, the pursuit of innovation and the highest technological standards. Better Hightech: This expresses our will to reach limits and also to push boundaries.

And secondly, it conveys the theme of creating meaning. Better Health: the medical benefits and the fact that we are doing something meaningful for people. That’s what unites our team at Corscience. And also what connects us with our customers. These, in turn, provide the solutions that, with the help of our products and services, can improve the treatment of people and, in some cases, save lives directly.

With this claim and the drive behind it, Corscience is on its way in an industry that, like many others, is increasingly accelerating – driven by international competition and megatrends such as digitalization. However, this industry is highly regulated for good reason, which can slow things down. At the moment, the new European Medical Device Regulation MDR is putting pressure on providers. How can a medium-sized company keep up the pace – or even gather momentum – in an environment like this?

There are a few things we can do as a company: Make the best of changing conditions. Resisting external circumstances costs a huge amount of energy and rarely leads to success. So we accept things as they are – and adapt. As a smaller organization, we actually have an advantage here because our structures are flexible. Which makes a flexible mindset even more important. This means having a mindset attuned to seeing the opportunities in things that are perceived as hurdles.

The MDR is a particularly big hurdle, I have to admit. But there are ways to deal with it. Concentration, for example, focusing on competencies and fields in which people’s energy and knowledge can have the best possible effect. In other words: We use resources in the form of time and money very carefully and are careful not to get bogged down. Basically, it’s classic entrepreneurial thinking and action that can give us speed.

Corscience MDR-certified
Proven quality: Corscience has already passed the MDR audit in March 2021.

What role do Corscience competencies play when it comes to the future development of the industry?

In my opinion, medical technology is not only experiencing disruptive change. In many areas, it’s a matter of evolution rather than revolution, albeit in giant steps. Of course, new business models are emerging, but they all need a medical and technological foundation. An idea by itself is not yet an innovation, it only becomes one when this idea can also be marketed.

Many years of experience: Corscience customers benefit from in-depth technological knowledge in five fields of application.

Our expertise in electrostimulation, mobile health, vital sign monitoring, ventilation and gas analysis provides this foundation for us and our customers. Building on this, we can turn ideas into reality and map the entire value chain from development, approval and production. These can be individual modules or complete systems consisting of hardware, software and mechanics. Or even digital cloud services.

Of course, we see a clear trend here: Connecting devices, collecting data and creating value from this. Often, the devil is in the details. At Corscience, we’re the ones who make sure that the devices generate and provide genuinely good data. We’re the ones who ensure the flow of data. Or control how it is interpreted. Or who also like to think through and implement everything from start to finish. And we’re the ones who keep an eye on users, market requirements and regulations. In our own developments as well as in the projects we implement for other medtech manufacturers.

Dr. Jörg Pintaske

<strong><em>„An idea by itself is not yet an innovation.</em></strong> <strong><em>We can help you to develop your idea to market maturity.“</em></strong>

Dr. Jörg Pintaske

Managing Director

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