In discussion with… Dr. Tobias Tröger

Im Gespräch mit... Dr. Tobias Tröger

“During a new service development, we can revert to our own established technologies. We therefore work very efficiently for our customers“.

Dr. Tobias Tröger is our Head of Research and Development at Corscience. His team of about 60 specialists develop solutions for Medical Technology that heal the sick and save lives. Not only for customer orders but also through own products. During the interview, Tobias looks at current projects, new products in 2021, as well as the special development at Corscience.

Tobias, what is happening in 2021 in your department?

We have planned a lot for 2021. Currently, we are finalizing a newly developed foot control panel for the operating room and the implementation of a physiological regulation for the first fully implantable artificial heart – especially our know-how in the field of system development, mechatronics, as well as algorithm development was in great demand. In the next months, new major projects for well-known north American and European customers will follow. Amongst others, in the development of defibrillators and the diagnostic of vital signs.

In 2021 we are extending our COR Technology product portfolio. This is our area of expertise with extensive market and technological expertise over the past years: Systems engineering, electrical stimulation, gas analysis, monitoring, artificial ventilation and mobile health. With our new product BDM85, we are launching an optimized generation of our defibrillation module BDM75 on the market, which offers an initial shock energy of 360 J. Our CPR-Feedback is used for the cardiac massage during an emergency rescue service. With our we are bringing our first cloud-based electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis software on the market that matches perfectly with our Bluetooth-ECG COR12. Alternatively, it can also be easily integrated in existing ECG-solutions.

What characterizes the development at Corscience? Which advantages do the customers therefore have?

On the one hand, surely the combination of customer projects and own product development. For a new Service development, we can access our established technologies, OEM-Modules or algorithm and adapt these accordingly. We therefore work very efficiently for our customers. For the customer SunTech Medical for instance, we integrated our SPO2-Module ChipOx in a new development and optimized it.

On the other hand, our own Pre-Development and Research characterizes us. We therefore push ongoing innovations that again leave its mark on customer products. This year we are getting into a Research project that engages with the topic artificial intelligence in the field of ECG Analysis. Furthermore, we are part of the project NeoWatch, that is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Together with various partners, we are working on a contact-free monitoring of premature infants.

Last but not least: We are broadly positioned, as regards to content. On the one hand of course with our COR Technologies which differentiates us from the competitors. On the other hand, we have recently engaged in safety critical medical devices, such as Cardiac support systems, ECMOs and Dialysis machines.

Tobias, signal processing and algorithms are becoming more and more important in medical technology. How is the development at Corscience dealing with these topics?

With HES® we are already offering our customers a strong algorithm for the analysis and interpretation of ECG-signals, which is continuously improved by the use of AI. Furthermore, we are optimizing our signal processing of our vital parameter sensors and are closing data gaps (keyword: „Data fusion“). We are also currently developing a specific algorithm for a Flow-Sensor for a customer.

Precise and reliable signal processing is especially important during safety-critical applications. An example: Being based on the recognition of ventricular flickers, an automized external defibrillator provides a shock recommendation. Nothing is allowed to go wrong here. We have long-term know how and the data base, which are vital for the validation of the algorithms.

Corscience is celebrating its 20th anniversary. You have been in the company for several years. What makes your job so exciting, even after so many years?

My job is extremely diverse. We daily engage in innovative products and are always in close exchange with our customers – from start-up to big corporations. It never gets dull. The purpose for my job is very important to me. That the work of my team improves the life of sick people motivates me every day anew.

Dr. Tobias Tröger

Dr. Tobias Tröger

Head of Research & Development

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