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Interview mit Johann

At Corscience, you learn how to program securely

Johann, you are training to be an IT specialist at Corscience. How did you come to join us? Why did you decide to do this?

I first became aware of Corscience when I saw a job advertisement, and as I come from Erlangen, the proximity was obviously a significant advantage. And I wanted to train in a field that was not only technically demanding, but also had a meaningful purpose beyond the usual web or app development. Developing software for defibrillators offers the perfect opportunity to do that.

The focus on application development is also very product-oriented. I can work closely with hardware and learn how to write secure code.

Tell us a bit about your day-to-day life. What is the team working on? What tasks and projects are you responsible for?

I work in the “Defibrillator shock and analysis” team. We work on shock delivery and analyzing ECG signals. I mainly program in C/C++, but I also work on smaller utilities in Python. At Corscience, I can play a part in the development of a defibrillator from start to finish, and make an important contribution to this process.

Interview mit Johann
At Corscience, Johann works closely with the hardware.

What is your current highlight – and what is particularly challenging?

Working on a module that is responsible for communication between two defibrillator components is particularity exciting for me. This involves implementing a protocol from the software interface right down to the individual bytes transmitted. I find it exciting to see precisely which byte means what and how the individual packets are made up.

Interview mit Johann
Our trainees can expect a variety of tasks.

What is your experience of working with the team? Do you feel well looked after?

Absolutely! From day one I was able to work directly on projects. If I need help, there is always someone there to support me. We have regular exchanges within the team. This also gives me an insight into the topics that my colleagues from the other trades are dealing with.

What would you pass on to future applicants for IT specialist training with Corscience?

At Corscience, you learn how to program securely with as few bugs as possible. As a medical technology company, we have to adhere to high quality standards, as the reliability and safety of our software is at stake. Corscience also covers a broad spectrum in the embedded area, we work very closely with the hardware – and that just makes programming here exciting.

Thank you for talking to us Johann. We wish you continued enjoyment and success with the numerous projects you are working on with us!

Your heart beats for medical technology? So does ours!

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