ECG expertise at Corscience

ECG expertise at Corscience

Corscience and its many years of experience in cardiology as a basis for innovative development projects

The beginning…

„COR002 – BT12“ – This project title conceals our first OEM product with CE approval and 510(k) clearance, synonymous with our experience in ECG development and the international approval of medical devices: The BT12 is a 12-lead ECG amplifier with a Bluetooth interface, which was offered by Corscience for 10 years and then replaced by its successor; the COR12.

Our technology…

Building on this ECG technology, developments for a wide range of intended uses were designed. This includes, for example, the 12-lead USB ECG MasterScope from the company eRT, which went through the entire product development process up to series production at Corscience and of which 10,000 devices have now been manufactured as of the end of 2018. It also includes defibrillators (see Success Story Defibrillation), medical monitors, blood pumps, extracorporeal pacemakers and many others, which all rely on Corscience for electrocardiogram recordings.

In addition to hardware and software, we also implement our knowledge in the development of algorithms for the measurement and interpretation of ECG signals. These include licence modules such as Corscience’s Hannover ECG System and product-specific R-wave algorithms such as algorithms to identify cardiac arrhythmias. Depending on the product, the relevant application development is either carried out by Corscience (Success Story Carefusion) or the development partner (Success Story Cardiosecur).

What you need…

Are you looking for medical device engineering, products & licences or manufacturing & test services? Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks to our long-standing experience in electrocardiography (ECG) and monitoring , we draw on knowledge that also comprises the use of our technology in safety-critical, life-support and life-saving systems.

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