Annual Review 2018

Annual Review 2018

A short statement from our CEO Dr. Claudius Moor about medical device engineering, products & licenses and manufacturing & test services of Corscience in the year 2018.

After a prolonged and dry summer in Erlangen merging almost seamlessly into winter season we are now heading in big strides towards the Christmas holidays. But 2018, in retrospect, was not only remarkable with regard to its weather:

As in the former years, we expanded our competence in the fields of electrical stimulation, gas analysis, monitoring, mobile health and ventilation, which served as a basis for customer-specific development in the area of medical device engineering. This resulted in successful projects in the sphere of ECG measuring units, cardiac support systems, ECMO devices as well as defibrillators and devices for breath analysis. Beyond that, we applied our knowledge successfully in systems engineering of mechatronic projects. In order to extend our range of goods and services in the field of products and licences, we completed the new professional defibrillation module BDM75 in 2018 and enhanced the functionality of our ECG algorithms for real-time monitoring HES® RTM. Furthermore, due to some smaller modifications, the CO2 measuring module CAP201 is now applicable in an MRI environment. The relocation of manufacturing of an AED (automated external defibrillator) from Erlangen to Henstedt-Ulzburg represents a milestone for our sector of manufacturing and test services. With this step, small to medium volumes can be manufactured and tested at our headquarters and larger amounts at our manufacturing site near Hamburg. This enhancement of our range meets with a very positive response of current and prospective partners.

From quality management’s point of view 2018 was crowned with success as well. As a competent manufacturer of medical products we completed recertification of our quality management system according to EN ISO 13485 successfully and now determine the course for being prepared for the Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

2019, as well, we will constantly work on the expansion of our range of goods and services. We expect, as an example, the confirmation of our FDA approval for our wireless ECG amplifier COR12. Keep yourself updated and follow us on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook or via our email newsletter.

I would like to wish you a merry Christmas on behalf of the entire Corscience team and all the best for 2019! We look forward to a continuation of our good and trustful cooperation.

Best regards
Dr. Claudius Moor
CEO, Corscience GmbH & Co. KG

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