Use of capnometry module CAP201 in the emergency respirator MEDUMAT Standard² from WEINMANN EMT.

The company WEINMANN EMT GmbH & Co. KG developed a respirator for use in rescue applications, which not only provides a high standard of treatment options, but also excels in intuitive handling, mobility and great robustness.

Every second counts for the patient, so the respirator MEDUMAT Standard² accompanies the paramedics quickly and easily in the case of a medical emergency. One very important vital sign during respiration is the CO2 concentration in the exhaled air. Through this value and its change, the paramedics can determine whether or not the patient was intubated correctly. For this purpose, the MEDUMAT Standard² comes integrated with the capnography module CAP201.

The sidestream capnometry module CAP201 allows for continuous, non-invasive monitoring of respiration, provides a graph and can simultaneously capture the spontaneous breathing in patients during resuscitation. The high accuracy, long-term stability and robustness, as well as the pressure and temperature tolerance convinced our customer WEINMANN to use the CAP201 in the MEDUMAT Standard².

The result of the cooperation between WEINMANN and Corscience can be used from clinical applications to disaster procedures. Users benefit from an improved recognition of ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation), as well as automatic airway control, and the display of the end-tidal CO2 value without ongoing respiration. The device is also completely free of calibration in daily rescue applications. We developed a medical device, which meets the special requirements of rescue services, as well as the standard DIN EN 1789, and the aviation standard RTCA DO 160 F.


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