The CORmunity in 2019

The CORmunity in 2019

Conquer obstacles, cycle for kilometres, strengthen back muscles together or check out if bratwurst (grilled sausages) from Nuremberg or from Thuringia tastes better – our CORmunity dedicated itself to all of this in 2019.

The CORmunity is the community of the employees of Corscience. The company Corscience does not only stand up for a good working atmosphere but also for the opportunity of building relationships outside working life.

Therefore, we organized various activities and events within the course of the year in order to enhance regular exchange between our employees, regardless of position and field of work. The obstacle course RunTerra enabled us to conquer obstacles as a team in September. With a group of 11 people we took up for this challenge once again.

In June, we cycled along with 99 other teams from Erlangen within the frame of a city-wide cycling event called Stadtradeln (city cycling) for the sake of climate protection. And athletic diversion during everyday work was once more provided by our weekly yoga course.

In addition, we promoted the Kneipenchor-Festival (pub choir festival) in Erlangen and enjoyed get-togethers in an informal atmosphere in the context of game nights, grilled sausage tastings, summer festival and Christmas party, far from work-related stress.

We are looking forward to enjoying the CORmunity activities in 2020 as Corscience wants to enable its employees to arrange a balance between work, leisure time and relationships dynamically according to their needs.

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