Runterra – a sport event of a different kind

Team Corscience Runterra

The Runterra Event 2018 was hard, it was dirty, it was wet but it was awesome! A very personal Success Story of the Corscience Team.

Again this year, Corscience had a team competing in the Runterra event – the mud run with the most obstacles. On the last weekend of September, Corscience’ 11 participants took on the challenge. They made the 8km, struggled over various different obstacles, crawled through mud and swam rivers. No one was left behind. They all made it, unscratched, to the finish. The Runterra is way more than just a sports event. It is about fun, about the personal contest with nature and it is about motivation – both, for the individual as well as for the entire team and its spirit. We are already looking forward to 2019 when, again, it will get hard, it will get dirty, it will get wet – or, just really cool!

We are already looking forward to 2019 when we will say again: “It will be tough. It’s getting dirty. It’s getting wet. It will be great!”

You want to be part of our team as well? Corscience is always looking for talented and motivated people to expand our teams in various fields of responsibilities. Get more information on section career – we are always looking forward to a new member joining us.

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