Improve connected care – with our expertise in mobile health

 Improve connected care – with our expertise in mobile health

Benefit from our experience in numerous telemedicine projects. We are experts in the development of mobile medical devices, secure networking and entire telemedicine systems. As a one-stop-shop, we offer production services and established products, modules and algorithms with international approval.

Our expertise

  • Devices with wireless and wired interfaces for mobile data transfer
  • Medical apps and algorithms with data exchange to web application
  • Web server software to process and visualize telemetrically measured data
  • Normative requirements for all common radio interfaces, cyber security, homecare standards
    and more

Our projects

  • ECG with Bluetooth interface for various portable applications
  • Defibrillator with Bluetooth, Wifi and LTE interface for remote service and for transmitting application data to a clinic or emergency center
  • Web server in hospital use for centralized visualization of remote measured data
  • Multiparameter monitor with a Bluetooth data interface
  • ECG algorithms HES® integrated into smartphone-based mobile applications

Your benefits

  • 20 years of experience in development
  • Fast and easy product approval according to latest international regulation (EU and US markets)
  • Reliable modules and algorithms
  • Large-scale production of safety-critical systems

Our competences

  • State-of-the-art technology and systems engineering
  • Development up to product class III and software class C
  • Development and design based on the principles of functional safety
  • Highest quality from small to large-scale production
  • Flexibility in terms of logistics, business models and modular systems 13485, MDD + Annex II, FDA certified

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Jan Nebel

Jan Nebel

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