Generational change at Corscience

Generational change at Corscience

At the beginning of the year 2016, it was announced that the management of Corscience was extended to include Dr. Claudius Moor as Managing Director, and Mr. Johannes Spallek as authorized signatory.

At the beginning of 2016, the management of the Corscience company was led by Dr. Claudius Moor as managing director and Mr. Johannes Spallek as authorized signatory.

Dr. Moor is an employee of the first hour, and has helped build up the company and decisively contributed to its success. He had previously been authorized signatory for many years and thus stands for continuity and consistency. As Managing Director, he is now expanding the technical competence and reliability of Corscience.

Mr. Spallek started his career at Corscience 7 years ago as an employee in development, until he joined the sales department as a key account manager in 2009 and took over the management of the sales department in 2014.

With his appointment as authorized signatory for sales & marketing, he has also assumed the responsibility for manufacturing, in order to better meet the needs of our customers. This step marked the growth of the company and, at the same time, the transition to the next generation. With currently about 80 employees and growth rates of more than 20% p.a. Corscience is transforming from a start-up to a management company. With the two new executive positions, two employees with many years of experience have taken on additional responsibility in order to be able to advance smoothly into a continuous expansion of our business in Germany and abroad.

At the end of 2016, the last step of the generational change will be carried out. Prof. Dr. Bolz and Mr. Griefahn will both retire from their management positions. Dr. Claudius Moor will take on the role as CEO, together with Mr. Johannes Spallek as authorized signatory. The new commercial director will be Mr. Philipp Schroeder, who has stood for financial stability for many years as the CFO of our partner, WEINMANN.

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