Corscience OEM Modules

Corscience OEM Modules

Find out more about the diversity of the Corscience OEM module, the simple integration through devkits and the continually growing range of technology.

In addition to development services, for 10 years now, Corscience has been providing OEM printed circuit boards and algorithms, as well as approved medical devices (CE, FDA 510k) for integration into medical systems. Our portfolio includes solutions in the areas of ECG, defibrillation, gas-sensor technology and pulse oximetry:

  • COR12 – Approved 12-channel ECG with Bluetooth for integration into customer systems as well as mobile health applications
  • HES® – Auswerte- und Interpretationsalgorithmen für Ruhe- und Belastungs-EKG-Untersuchungen sowie die rhytmologische Diagnostik
  • BDM65 and BDM75 – Defibrillator power amplifier with biphasic pulse delivery, cardioversion and VF/VT recognition, optionally with transcutaneous pacing
  • CAP201Capnography module for ventilation equipment, defibrillators and clinical surveillance monitors (fulfils the requirements of DIN ISO 80601-2-55)
  • ChipOx – SPO2 Modul für stromsparende, hochintegrierte Anwendungen

Each of our OEM assemblies is based on tried and tested technology and can be simply commissioned and tested through the use of a development kit. The printed circuit boards and devices fulfil all relevant product standards and, together with their documentation, form the foundation for successful CE certification or FDA approval of the overall system.​

Through our OEM range, we provide potential customers and existing partners with access to standard solutions for clinic, first aid and home monitoring markets. Our sustained customer base and the use of our products in a multitude of customer solutions shows that customer confidence, quality and technical expertise are the most important drivers of our everyday work.

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