Corscience expands product portfolio with Push CPR Feedback Sensor

The feedback module is easy to integrate into defibrillators and monitoring systems.

Corscience is launching Push, its customizable CPR feedback solution for more effective resuscitation. Standardized interfaces and protocols make the sensor easy to connect to existing defibrillators or monitoring systems. So Corscience is now able to offer its customers and partners another module to meaningfully enhance their emergency medical systems and the quality of resuscitation efforts.

During resuscitation, Push collects data such as the depth and rate of chest compressions, and communicates the data to the connected host system in real time. If the rhythm and pressure are not optimal, the user receives direct feedback, alerting them to adjust their efforts – e.g. via LEDs, a display, or as an acoustic signal, depending on the manufacturer.

Simple integration – flexible customization

The USB and UART standards are used as communication protocols. Host systems receive a constant live stream of raw data via the interface, and each manufacturer decides for themselves how they then process the data. For this purpose, Corscience offers customizable connection options which enable simple system integration. Push is equipped with a USB interface as standard. If required, the feedback module can be further customized beyond the various connection options.

High measurement accuracy and long service life

With a tolerance of +/-3 compressions per minute and a measurement accuracy to within less than 0.5 cm for compression depth, Push delivers very precise readings. It is suitable for all professional defibrillators and AEDs (automated external defibrillators), especially in the pre-clinical setting, due to its sturdy plastic case with IP55 rating and high tolerances in terms of air pressure, humidity and temperature. The re-use system, with a service life of over 3 million compressions, offers both economic and environmental advantages compared to conventional disposable systems – especially in training settings.

Development kit for integration into your system

Push comes with a demo tool and full documentation. Would you like to begin by testing how Push integrates into your system? Order the Push development kit now and receive support from our product specialists.

Want to learn more about our CPR feedback solution? Visit our product page on Push with all the important specifications.

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More Information

Expand your system with Push

Push Development Kit

Our CPR sensor is now ready as a development kit for integration into your system. Get the support of our product specialists and receive

  • Push sensor including cable
  • USB stick with software and demo tool
Push CPR Feedback
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