Capnography: OEM Modules for Clinics and Emergency Services

Kapnografie: OEM-Module für Klinik und Rettungsdienst

With CAP201 CLINIC and CAP201 EMERGENCY, Corscience is pleased to bring optimized versions of the CAP201 capnography module onto the market – customized to the specific requirements of clinics and emergency services.

In order to monitor the health status of ventilated patients, it’s necessary to continuously analyze the breathing air with the help of medical gas sensors. Capnography determines an important parameter to be measured: the CO2 concentration. It allows the patient’s breathing to be continuously monitored, conclusions about the arterial CO2 partial pressure to be drawn and the intubation to be checked. For this reason, capnography has long been the gold standard in emergency medicine and in numerous clinical applications, such as intensive care and anaesthesia.

Measurement accuracy guaranteed

As an experienced supplier of sensors for gas analysis, with CAP201 Corscience has an established OEM module for sidestream capnography. The measurement principle is based on non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy, which makes use of the absorption properties of CO2 in the infrared spectrum. CAP201 is characterized by high reliability, low energy consumption and significantly higher measurement accuracy than required by the standards for breathing gas monitors. The module uses a reference measurement to compensate for ageing effects and guarantees measurement accuracy over the entire product life cycle – this means there is no need to calibrate the module when using it in practice.

Varying demands


The fields of application in clinics and emergency services place varying demands on medical products. With this in mind, Corscience is offering special CAP201 versions for these target markets. CAP201 EMERGENCY is perfectly designed to be used by emergency services thanks to its comprehensive air pressure and temperature range as well as its compact, robust design. CAP201 CLINIC has been tailored to the requirements of clinics with increased measuring accuracy and an adapted air pressure and temperature range. We also have a capnography solution for special applications in the field of magnetic resonance imaging: CAP201 MRI can be used with a field strength of up to 3 Tesla.

Adaptations upon customer request

It’s also possible to adapt CAP201 for other target markets, for example for performance and pulmonary function diagnostics, upon customer request.

CAP201 versions

Video CAP201 versions

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