Annual Review 2017

Annual Review 2017

2017 – a year full of change and challenges. About a company in flux, a massive water damage and “Trösterteddys” – a short review with facts and numbers.

At the end of 2016, structural changes began with the appointment of two new managing directors at Corscience. Due to our growth in recent years, we have moved further and further away from being a pure family business and more towards being a management-led company. In 2017, we filled two positions internally: in October, Dr. Tobias Tröger took over responsibilities as Head or R&D and Matthias Buff became Head of Operations. These two long-standing employees will be available to you in the future as points of contact for their respective areas.

However, we also struggled with unexpected challenges: on 10 July 2017, the company was shut down for a short time. Several thousand litres of water had flooded over half of our offices. Thanks to the personal commitment of all employees, the water was quickly cleared and professional drying started. Operation was fully maintained with only a few exceptions.

The component market has also been causing concern: some of our suppliers had difficulty getting components necessary for PCB production. This also had an impact on our customers in 2017. In close collaboration, we tried to plan the production slots as flexibly as possible and supply our customers at least in part. Despite all our efforts, we did not always succeed on time. We therefore thank you for your understanding and for the fact that you have nevertheless remained loyal to us.

As in previous years, we have decided this year not to invest in gifts, but in joy and children’s smiles: specifically, we will be supporting the local ‚Trösterteddys‘ project at Kinderhilfe Eckental GmbH. The teddies are handed over to the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) and will accompany rescue services and emergency doctors on their assignments.

We have tried to graphically illustrate for you what we have been up to in 2017, how “much” Corscience does. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with you in 2018. And of course, we hope that you will influence one or other of our figures in 2018.

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