Always at the ready: the world’s smallest defibrillator

OOONO Joule®

Thanks to us, Joule® is setting new standards for saving lives in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Together with OOONO Medical, Corscience is developing the world’s smallest automated external defibrillator (AED). The medical start-up relies on our company’s know-how and experience.

Two hearts, one vision

Up until now, OOONO has primarily been known for its CO-DRIVER, allowing drivers to share real-time traffic information, and helping them prepare for situations in traffic that require extra attention, thus helping increase traffic safety. The Danish tech scaleup’s vision is to create a safer everyday life. They’re doing so by creating simple and intuitive technological solutions that connect, inspire, and encounter ordinary people to join forces and act. This is exemplified by their joint venture with the community-based assault alarm, Sirène and Joule is yet another example of how the tech scaleup is bringing its vision to life.

An AED for all

In Germany alone, about 60,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest every year, more than 65% of the cardiac arrests happen at home. Many people could have been saved if they had received an electric shock from a defibrillator in time. If the heart starts to flutter, quick help is required. Every minute lost reduces the probability of survival by about 10%. Yet, while many companies, clubs, public places and buildings are equipped with automated external defibrillators (AED), this life-saving equipment is missing from the private sphere. Too expensive, too bulky, too unattractive.

A partnership for life

This is precisely what OOONO Medical is looking to change, with an AED that has its place in every household, every car and every handbag. Small enough, attractive enough, affordable enough and safe enough. For this purpose, the visionaries set out to find an experienced medical technology partner, and they found what they were looking for in Erlangen. At Corscience, we have over 20 years of experience in the development of defibrillators, know the regulatory requirements on medical equipment, know the sticking points of AED technology and are just as passionate as OOONO Medical about innovations that will make a difference.

From vision to reality

We’re tackling the task together through extensive discussions, joint workshops, and open-ended, agile development exchanges. We’ve tested boundaries and pushed them further and further. The aim is Joule®, the world’s smallest AED. The size of a lunch box and the price of a smart phone. A milestone for medical technology. We are looking forward to seeing what else OOONO Medical has up its sleeve after the market launch, and are ready to launch their ideas together.

Joerg Pintaske

We’re excited to be part of such an important project as Joule. After more than 20 years of developing defibrillators, we are sure to say that Joule is extremely ambitious and innovative – not only in terms of the defibrillator itself but also in terms of the approach to the development and market. OOONO is pushing boundaries within our industry.”

Dr. Jörg Pintaske

CEO Corscience GmbH

„Corscience is exactly the right partner for taking the step into medical technology. We are thrilled to have an experienced service provider, with their extensive technological and regulatory expertise in defibrillator development, by our side.”

Jacob Christensen



Jacob Løth Christensen, CEO OOONO Medical A/S (left). Christian Walther Øyrabø, CEO OOONO A/S (right)

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