BDM65 & BDM75: Defibrillator Modules

With the defibrillator modules BDM65 & BDM75 both, professional defibrillators and Automated External Defibrillators can be developed. The BDM65 & BDM75 are easy to integrate into your existing system. They require only a power supply and a serial interface (UART). The biphasic waveform guarantees highest efficacy at low power and shock intensity. Read a detailed technical article about "the modern biphasic defibrillation module for professional and public access devices".


Common Features:

  • Biphasic waveform (current-limited, impedance independent)

  • Artifact and motion detection

  • Cardioversion

  • Connection option for ECG recorder

  • Impedance measurement

The BDM75 additionally offers:

  • Supports Internal Paddles / CF classification

  • Pacer option provided

  • Single UART for receiving acquired ECG information

  • Bootloader for firmware update

  • Possibility to charge with low current

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