Pulse Oximetry

The determination of oxygen saturation of blood is one of the standard parameters in medicine and has become indispensable in many areas of application. Both, spot-check devices as well as monitors are used for continuous monitoring. Typically, these devices are used in emergency services, intensive care units, in anesthesia or in sleep diagnostics.


The detection of SpO2 and pulse is based on pulse oximetry, a fast and especially non-invasive measurement method. Traditionally, the measurement is made in transmission via a finger sensor or an ear clip. However, reflective sensors that could be attached to the head can also be used.


As manufacturers of advanced cardiovascular technology, it is our declared goal to serve not only the usual areas of application, but to offer niche products and special applications new ideas and research centers in a highly integrated building block. We can achieve this through an extensive protocol, different firmware versions with the focus on different applications and a modular structure. This way, we can respond to your needs quickly and easily and offer you an optimal price to performance ratio.

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Oxygen saturation measurement
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