Vital Sign Sensors and Biosignal Analysis

For the measurement, processing, analysis and transmission of vital signs, Corscience offers a pre-existing modular system, as well as comprehensive industry and user expertise. Combined with our technical expertise, we create individual systems for measuring and for algorithmic analysis of vital signs in the medical environment.


Here is what we can do for you:

  • Development of systems for the measurement of vital signs such as ECG, EEG, oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure (oscillometric NiBP, continuous NiBP) and many more

  • Adaptation or new development of 3/6-channel and 12-channel ECG circuits for Holter devices as well as event or loop recorders for worldwide use (CE, FDA,…)

  • Combination of vital sign sensors to a system with wired and wireless interfaces (e.g. USB, Bluetooth, cellular GSM/UMTS/…) for a mobile health environment

  • Development or adaptation and integration of existing algorithms, e.g for ECG, pulse wave, gas, pressure and flow analysis.

  • Professional requirements engineering through years of experience with product standards and user requirements in the field of vital sign sensors, particularl for mobile or body worn devices

  • Modification and delivery of our OEM modules for recording of vital signs including complete documentation for integration support

Application examples:

  • ECG event recorder with GSM/UMTS interface for remote data telemetry in the homecare sector

  • 12-channel ECG device with USB, Bluetooth, … interface for use in resting and exercise ECG

  • OEM module for 1 or 3/6 channel ECG measurement with R-Wave Trigger, heart rate calculation, pacemaker detection and electrode contact measurement

  • Multi-parameter monitor with integrated sensors for ECG, NiBP and SpO2

  • Body worn system for measuring and wireless transmission of NiBP and SpO2 data

  • OEM module for pulse oximetry

  • Non-invasive measurement of body core temperature

  • Powerful validated algorithms for VF/VT-analysis, for analyzing intracardially recorded ECGs and for the measurement and analysis of surface ECG for resting and exercise ECG tests or real time monitoring for use in embedded systems and PC applications

  • Motion sensor for motion and activity monitoring in the homecare sector

  • EEG engine in the field of neurofeedback 

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