Building on our long experience with transport and emergency ventialtion and the resulting technology, Corscience develops and produces ventilation solutions for a wide range of applications. For each area, it is not only the ventialtion performance and the ventilation modes that matter, but rather also the mechanical robustness, the intuitive operation of the device and the connectivity to other systems that play an important role. Through optimum interaction of these aspects in a ventilator, the result for users and patients can be optimized.


Here’s what we can do for you:


  • Development of a ventialtor for emergency, transport, home or intensive care ventilation

  • Development of intuitive user interfaces for controlling the ventilation modes and visualization of measurement data and alarms

  • Adaptation and supply of partial solutions, such as valve control and ventilation algorithms

  • Optimization and implementation of requirements regarding connectivity, robustness and mobility

  • Integration of vital signs sensors such as capnography and flow

  • Development of PC software, medical apps and other accessories for use in safety critical systems such as ventilation


Application examples:

  • Rugged, portable ventilator for use in primary applications all the way to intensive care, complying with all important standards such as RTCA/DO160 or EN1789.

  • Voice-controlled ventilator for cardiopulmonary resuscitation with metronome function as well as visual and audible alarms

  • SW integrations under Embedded Linux with modules of software class C

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