TC3 Monitor

The TC3 Monitor is used to monitor circulation parameters and can be used in many different scenarios. It is designed for ambulances, emergency rooms and clinical transports, as well as for all situations in which the monitoring of circulation parameters for the patient’s condition is important.


The TC3 Monitor is a measuring device that can gather ECG, NIBP and SpO2 data. A 3/12 channel ECG is available as an ECG unit, which displays the captured data on the TC3 Monitor. The display can show up to three channels simultaneously, which can be individually selected. The NIBP and SpO2 values are constantly displayed. All of the necessary sensors are also available from Corscience. We are very happy to assist you with any further information. All cables and parts are defibrillator safe, so that the TC3 monitor can also be used during defibrillation.


The device convinces with its easy handling and its user-friendly, handy design. All necessary data can be seen at one glance on the display. The basic settings can be configured quickly and easily. The following options are available for selection:


  • Adult and child mode for NiBP measurement

  • Lock screen

  • Volume control

  • Brightness adjustment

  • Layout settings of the ECG (one to three curves)

  • Bluetooth settings


The TC3 monitor is adapted to detect the basic vital signs of patients. This device can be used by trained personnel, such as paramedics, nurses or doctors. It can both be stationary or not stationary, depending on the area of application. Due to its small and lightweight design, the TC3 monitor can be carried easily and stowed in a medical backpack or stored without any problems.

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