Bluetooth 12-channel ECG

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Patients can enjoy more freedom of movement during ECG examinations: The 12-channel ECG unit transmits the acquired ECG data wirelessly via Bluetooth to a host system. Medical staff can rely on continuously reliable measurement data. Thanks to CE and FDA approval, COR12 is internationally ready for use in a wide range of ECG applications.

Uninterrupted ECG measurement with wireless data transmission

The Bluetooth ECG device COR12 is an active medical device and, when used together with a receiver unit, serves as a battery-powered, wireless ECG device that can be worn on the body.


  • Measurement of a 12-channel ECG (Einthoven, Goldberger, and Wilson)
  • Calculation and transmission of the heart rate
  • Pacemaker and QRS complex detection
  • Display of correct electrode contacts via snap LEDs
  • Built-in defibrillation protection
  • Up to 10 sec. buffer recording in case connection is interrupted


  • Handy, compact and convenient to use
  • Easy to integrate into host systems worldwide
  • Flexibility when being used thanks to high range
  • No additional approval effort: CE and FDA approved device, MDR ready

Diagnostic support

ECG analysis via algorithm

For resting and exercise ECGs as well as real-time monitoring, the PC or app evaluation can be expanded to include an interpretation function. Proven algorithms automatically analyze ECG data, can detect abnormalities and provide diagnostic information.

The technology

Carefully considered usability

  1. Saves time when setting up: LEDs indicate whether the ECG cables are correctly connected to the electrodes on the patient’s body.
  2. Data security: A pairing function with invisible mode prevents unintentional connection to other Bluetooth end devices.
  3. After the radio connection is established, the ECG signals, heart rate, and extensive additional information are transmitted wirelessly to the receiver unit.

High signal quality

  • High sampling rate of 500 Hz per channel
  • Digital resolution of 1.94 µV
  • Digital bandwidth from 0.05 to 150 Hz

Secure, real-time data transmission

For data transmission, the COR12 uses Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) with Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile). Bluetooth 5.2 is in preparation. The wireless transmission range is about 15 to 20 m (with line of sight).

If the connection is interrupted due to external circumstances, COR12 temporarily stores the data in the internal memory for up to 10 seconds and synchronizes them as soon as the connection is restored again.

Areas of use

  • Wherever precise ECG data is required: COR12 can be used in the clinical environment, the doctor’s office as well as on-the-go.
  • ECG measurement also for children from 4 years and more than 20 kg body weight.
  • Thanks to CE and FDA approval , suppliers worldwide can benefit from rapid integration into monitoring or diagnostic systems. As a white-label product (optional), it fits in smoothly.
  • If required, you can also obtain COR12 as a plug variant instead of with a fixed ECG cable.

The most important technical data of the COR12

  • Compact design: 80 x 93 x 21 mm
  • Weight including cable: approx. 200 g (without battery)
  • Power supply: 1 AA battery
  • Running time in continuous operation: approx. 8 h accumulator, approx. 5 h with AA battery

Download product sheet

Test the integration for yourself

With the COR12 Development Kit

Do you want to find out how well the COR12 fits into your system? Would you like to check the data output? Or convince yourself of the convenient handling? Then our Development Kit is the right choice for you. The following are included:

  • One COR12 device
  • One Bluetooth stick for computers without integrated Bluetooth reception
  • Test tool for data processing and visualization
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