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Supported diagnosis – faster treatment: Doctors can save valuable time with the help of a digital analysis of ECG data. For this purpose, algorithms interpret the ECG curves and provide diagnostic information. This can now also be done online: COR.Cloud uses the proven HES® Resting algorithm and analyses 12-lead resting ECG data when needed.

ECG interpretation as a digital service


  • Automated analysis of 12-lead resting ECG data on demand
  • Reliable detection of anomalies
  • Data exchange between ECG devices and platform via API
  • Browser-based management of devices and usage data


  • Secure – thanks to highest cyber security standards
  • Convenient – thanks to online administration
  • Always up-to-date – without software updates on devices
  • Efficient – thanks to billing in the pay-per-use model

The technology

Interpretation of resting ECGs with HES® Resting

The ECG analysis algorithm HES® Resting interprets 12-lead ECGs. A 10-second resting ECG recording is sent to the Cloud, processed by the algorithm, and the interpretation information is fed back. Whether the data is exchanged directly with a device, with a PC software or another cloud-based system – COR.Cloud is connected via standardized interfaces.

It offers the following functions:

  • Precise beat localization and typing
  • Averaging of dominant (normal) beats and up to three types of ventricular extrasystole
  • Accurate wave point detection
  • Noise detection and removal
  • Measurement tables for P, QRS, ST, QT, QTc etc. for the entire ECG and per channel
  • Detailed rhythm analysis, e.g. B. PVC, SVES, pause, bigeminy, trigeminy, ventricular tachycardia, bradycardia, fibrillation / flutter and more
  • Detailed interpretation, e.g.:
    • P-wave interpretation (e.g. atrial overload, prolonged atrial conduction)
    • Repolarization abnormalities and T-wave changes (e.g. ischemia)
    • Intraventricular conduction disorders (e.g. bundle branch block and pre-excitation syndrome, left anterior hemiblock)
    • QRS-T interpretation (e.g. normal, infarct with location and age, right, left, and biventricular hypertrophy)
    • HES® can be combined with SCP compression/decompression algorithms to increase the efficiency of data transmission

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Browser-based management

All providers of devices and systems where the online analysis function is integrated receive individual user accounts in the COR.Cloud. The connected devices and end users are managed here. A counter gives an overview of the analyses that have been carried out. A filter for the evaluation period helps to manage the service. The number of analyses carried out is the basis for your individual billing model (pay-per-use).

Data protection and cybersecurity

  • The use and processing of any data is DSGVO compliant.
  • The ECG data is processed anonymously. Only the patient’s age and sex, which are relevant for the interpretation, are transmitted – no other personal information is shared.
  • Data transmission to the COR.Cloud is secured via checksum mechanisms. Encryption via an individual key is a matter of course and complies with the latest guidelines.
  • All data is processed and stored on servers in Germany.

The right hardware and complete solutions

Do you have special requirements when it comes to the right ECG system? Do you want the right equipment to connect to the online platform? We would be pleased to develop your individual ECG solution.

Experience the possibilities of the COR.Cloud

Convince yourself of the added value that digital ECG interpretation offers your customers. Learn about how the online function can be integrated easily into your devices, systems or software. Ask your questions about interfaces and security. We’re pleased to present the COR.Cloud to you invidually.

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