ECG algorithms

Automated analysis of diagnostic ECG data

HES® ECG algorithms

Supported diagnosis – faster treatment: Doctors save valuable time with digital analysis of ECG data. A tried and tested tool: interpretation algorithms for integration in ECG software on PCs, in embedded systems or for mobile apps. With the Corscience algorithm library, users benefit quickly and easily from a precise ECG interpretation.

Detailed interpretation of ECG measurements


  • Measurement and interpretation of relevant ECG parameters depending on the field of application 
  • Reliable detection of anomalies
  • Individually configurable output of measured value tables, conspicuous values ​​and diagnostic information


  • Problem-free system or software upgrade – thanks to support for all common operating systems and platforms
  • Convenient use – thanks to the text output of the analyzes in many languages
  • Reliable support with integration and approval – thanks to extensive experience in CE and FDA markets

EKG interpretation as a digital service in the COR.Cloud

With more and more mobile ECG devices and distributed locations, the need to centrally manage software functions and make them available online is increasing. In the COR.Cloud, the ECG analysis is available online on demand – from anywhere, anytime, with algorithms that are always up-to-date.

The fields of application

Interpretation of resting ECGs with HES® Resting

The HES ® Resting ECG analysis algorithm interprets 12-lead ECGs.

It offers the following functions:

  • Precise beat localization and typing
  • Averaging of dominant (normal) beats and up to three types of ventricular extrasystole
  • Accurate wave point detection
  • Detection and removal of noise
  • Measurement tables for P, QRS, ST, QT, QTc etc. for the entire ECG and per channel
  • Detailed rhythm analysis, e.g. VES, SVES, pause, bigeminy, trigeminy, ventricular tachycardia, bradycardia, fibrillation / flutter and more
  • Detailed interpretation, e.g.:
    • P-wave interpretation (e.g. atrial overload, prolonged atrial conduction)
    • Repolarization abnormalities and T-wave changes (e.g. ischemia)
    • Intraventricular conduction disorders (e.g. bundle branch block and pre-excitation syndrome, left anterior hemiblock)
    • QRS-T interpretation (e.g. normal, infarct with location and age, right, left, and biventricular hypertrophy)
    • HES ® can be combined with SCP-compression / decompression algorithms to increase the efficiency of data transmission.

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Interpretation of exercise ECGs with HES® Exercise

HES ® Exercise is designed to be used in conjunction with HES ® Resting. The recording begins with a resting ECG over 10 seconds and then continues with the exercise recording. The resting ECG serves as a reference for the tested patient.


  • Noise filtering
  • Precise beat localization and typing during stress test
  • Averaging of dominant (normal) beats over 10 seconds
  • Precise wave point detection for dominant beats
  • Measurement tables for P, QRS, ST, QT, QTc etc. for the entire ECG and per lead
  • Continuous measurement of ST, QT, HR
  • Detailed rhythm analysis, e.g. B. VES / PVC / VEB (up to 20 types), SVES, couplet, triplet, salve, pause, bigeminy, trigeminal, ventricular tachycardia, bradycardia, fibrillation / flutter (and more) in real time every two seconds

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Real-time interpretation of monitoring ECGs with Wave Now

Wave Now is used for real-time analysis of ECG signals. The algorithm is characterized by low CPU usage and can be used with any bedside monitors, Holter equipment, offline Holter analyses or integrated into small event recorders.


  • Accurate beat localization and typing of normal beats (several templates), VES / PVC / VEB and SVES / SVEB with a delay of only two seconds
  • Detailed event analysis, e.g. B. couplet, triplet, salve, pause, bigeminy, ventricular tachycardia, bradycardia, fibrillation/flutter
  • Algorithm for VF / VT detection
  • Detection of atrial fibrillation
  • Fast R-wave detection

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The right hardware and total solutions

Do you have special requirements for an ECG system? Would you like the right electronics or an entire device to go with it? We would be happy to develop specific algorithms for you and implement your individual ECG solution.

Test the integration

With the development kit for ECG algorithms

Would you like to find out how well the ECG algorithms can be integrated into your software? Would you like to get to know the API? Or convince yourself of the analysis results? Then our development kit is the right choice. In it you will find:

  • The selected algorithm as a standalone program  
  • A DevKit usage license (later upgrade possible without recompiling)
  • A comprehensive integration guide
  • Integration support from our experts 
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