Medical Devices and OEM-Modules

As a leading provider of cardiovascular diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, we offer both OEM circuit boards and algorithms for you to integrate into your medical systems as well as completed approved medical devices (CE, FDA 510k approved). Our range of services includes solutions for ECG, defibrillation, gas analysis, pulse oximetry and multi-parameter diagnostics. All modules and products can be individually adapted as required to meet your needs.


Each of our OEM modules is based on proven technology paired with innovative solutions and is designed to be integrated into a medical device. The modules meet the relevant medical device standards and, together with the accompanying documentation, form the foundation for a successful CE certification of your system. For easy commissioning of the modules and for testing purposes we offer comprehensive development kits. The open communication protocols will allow for easy integration, with which we will support you at any time.

Licensing Model

Do you plan on producing large quantities of your product and would therefore like to integrate our technology directly into your PCB or want to produce the modules themselves? The licensing model of Corscience makes it possible! Once signed up you will receive:

  • Circuit diagrams

  • Layout Data

  • Material BOMs

  • Test data and descriptions

  • Support by our specialists


During production, the firmware of Corscience blocks can easily be activated via a license key.

White-Label Products

Use our expertise to complement your product portfolio. You have the option to purchase our equipment as white label products. We offer you the following two options:


The device comes with your label. The manufacturer is still Corscience.

The device will be registered and approved to your name. In this case, you are the manufacturer.


Are you interested in a custom adaptation? Contact us - we will be happy to advise you. 

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