Teddies for the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK)


Together with Kinderhilfe Eckental, Corscience has donated 50 teddy bear friends to the Erlangen BRK.

Head of rescue services, Thomas Heideloff, and supervisor, Harald Trautner, were delighted to accept the teddy bears and Lars Paape, himself a volunteer paramedic at the BRK, related all the positive experiences they have had with the teddies to date.

Kinderhilfe Eckental has been supporting sick and injured children requiring emergency treatment with its „cuddly bears“ for many years. The children are always delighted with the cuddly bears that also serve as a welcome distraction from their pain and anxiety.

Would you like to donate a teddy bear friend? Please feel free to get in touch or contact Kinderhilfe Eckental directly.