Multiparameter Technology

Often, several vital signs of a patient, eg. ECG, SpO2 and NiBP, must be recorded simultaneously. For these multi-parameter applications, we provide combined modules and control technologies.


Through a single interface and a communication protocol, you can check on multiple vital signs of a patient with our multi-parameter modules. By doing so, the integration of vital sign sensors is significantly simplified and thus provides substantial cost reduction.


For control and operation of medical multi-parameter sensors, we offer complete modules in addition to the development services. We are pursuing a holistic principle: we keep the user-friendliness in mind (using a touch screen), the flexibility for integration (supporting various interfaces) and the preparation for the approval of a medical device (consideration of applicable medical standards).

Our solution for you:
TC3 - Multiparameter
Compact ECG, SpO2 and NiBP Device
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