Mobile Health

Since Corscience was founded in 2001, we have investigated the mobile transmission of vital signs for integrated care, disease management as well as telemedicine and mobile health applications. In a large number of completed projects, this development work has enabled us to transfer measurement data via Bluetooth/Wifi through a portable gateway, to a web server via GSM/UMTS or wired via Ethernet/HL7. We are happy to implement the experience we have built up over many years in equipment and system development into your mobile health project.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Development of devices with wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, UMTS, …) and wired interfaces (Ethernet, …) for mobile data transfer via HL7 and other protocols

  • Implementation of medical APPs for the reception, the presentation and the forwarding of measurement data to a web server

  • Implementation of server interfaces to receive the telemetrically measured data

  • Experience with normative requirements through radio interfaces (R&TTE, FCC, PTCRB, SAR, …), cyber security, home care standards and other relevant statutory conditions

  • Adaptation of battery concepts for mobile worldwide operation, including any safety requirements


Application examples:

  • Portable ECG with GSM/UMTS interface for telemetric monitoring of heart patients at risk

  • Defibrillator with GSM/UMTS/WLAN/Bluetooth interface for remote service and for transmitting application data to a clinic or emergency center

  • Analog modem for transmitting data from scales, blood pressure monitors and many more with a Bluetooth interface

  • Web server in hospital use for centralized visualization of up to eight devices of a type 

  • Multiparameter monitor with Bluetooth data interface for transmitting the measured values to a tablet, a mobile health gateway or other medical device for central data processing

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