As an experienced development service provider, we know exactly what is important in the implementation phase of manufacturing, the manufacturing, storage and shipping of medical equipment. Therefore, we can support you with our expertise and offer intelligent and comprehensive supply chain management with innovative and reliable production and logistics solutions. We rely on the cooperation with certified national partners and supplies, as well as the final assembly and testing which we conduct in-house.

Our services:

Pilot Series and Serial Production

Especially in a global environment and with increasing importance being placed on quality and costs, early links in the transition between development and production must be made. This way, design for cost, testability, manufacturability and reliability can be taken into account. After the creation of the prototype, we transition your product into the pilot series and ensure a successful serial production through extensive testing.

Material Management

Of course, we also procure the materials required for your assemblies. As early as during development we research component availability for manufacturing. Through our global network and special cooperation agreements with manufacturers and distributors, we can guarantee you a high material quality and an optimal price to performance ratio.


(small and medium lot sizes)

We take care of the wiring, cabling, and assembly of electronic components, circuits and complete devices. Matching the requirements in medical technology, we have geared our production capacities to lot sizes between 100 and 1,000 units per year. If required, we can manufacture lot sizes of over 5,000 units.

Final Inspection and Testing

Our production process is subject to constant quality controls. Our test engineers rely on industry standard test equipment and even prepare special test equipment that allows a specific quality check of your module according to your specifications if necessary. Our test and measurement procedures are based on boundary scan, in-circuit testing, flying probe and product-specific electrical function tests.

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