HES® Hannover ECG-System

The HES® algorithm is a diagnostic ECG software for the analysis and interpretation of a variety of ECG data. It is one of the leading algorithms in Europe. It provides outstanding diagnostic results due to its high precision and stability. HES® has already been successfully implemented in multiple different devices around the world with CE and FDA approval.


HES® offers you the ability to integrate an analysis and interpretation function into your ECG PC software quickly and easily. In addition, the algorithm has been designed specifically for use in embedded solutions and can be integrated directly into DSPs. 


You can purchase the algorithm as part of a standardized or customized licensing model as well as per license dongle. You have the choice between the following four modules:

  • HES® resting ECG analysis

  • HES® exercise ECG analysis

  • HES® real-time monitoring

  • HES® AED



  • Designed for embedded systems

  • Available for MS-Windows, MacOSX or Linux

  • Based on an extensive database

  • Available for 3,6 or 12 channels

  • Supported standards include IEC/DIN EN 60601-2-47 and IEC/DIN EN 60601-2-51

CTS database

The "Conformance Testing Service" database offers the possibility of extensively testing analog or digital electrocardiography equipment. You can purchase the CTS database exclusively at Corscience. Please contact us for further information.

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