Gas Analysis

The analysis of the breath of patients offers various possibilities to monitor the condition of ventilated or anesthetized patients. In the field of diagnostics, gas analysis allows to gather information on the functioning of the respiratory system and the whole body.

Our range of services in the field of gas analysis ranges from the adaptation of our OEM capnography modules to the development and integration of new gas measuring modules and the complete development of medical gas analysis devices with subsequent serial production.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Development of gas measurement modules and medical gas analysis devices in service contracts

  • Development services in the gas environment (adaptation of OEM modules from Corscience to your needs, integration of your gas measurement modules into medical equipment, feasibility studies, preliminary studies, consultancy, etc.)

  • Delivery of OEM modules for capnography

  • Serial production of the developed gas measurement modules

Application examples:

  • Capnography and oxygen measurement for emergency services, in clinical applications and in cardiopulmonary exercise training

  • Multigas analysis in the assessment of pulmonary function

  • Measurement of anesthetics in the exhaled air

  • Flow measurement in ventilators

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