System Development and Project Management

From the adaptation of modules to the contract development of a complete device - we handle all development contracts as independent projects. Therefore, each project is tailor-made for you, because the decisive criteria are your needs, which ultimately determine the individual processes. We take care of both complete development contracts as well as subtasks of larger projects (Apart from our engineering services, we gladly support you with approval, production and logistics too).

Our development process follows the V-Model. This sets a clear sequence from the creation of functional specifications to the development modules. In every phase of the projects, we compare the results achieved and the initial requirements and specifications. This allows us to detect and eliminate all possible deviations early on in the process. This way we make sure that the schedule, cost and development plans are always under control.

Furthermore, we use agile methods in our development such as Kanban, WiP (Work in Progress), Daily Standups and retrospectives to continuously reflect our approach and to improve.

We are happy to develop your products according to your processes.

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