Hardware Development

From the start of the hardware development process, our engineers perform design associated simulations. This way, design cycles are kept to a minimum and our customers get their products to the market faster.

Our services:

Circuit design:

  • Analog signal amplification

  • Filter design

  • AD/DA converters

  • Microcontrollers (MSP, ARM, OMAP)

  • Signal processor based development (DSPs from TI)

  • FPGA and PLD (Xilinx, Altera, Lattice) with VHDL

  • Wireless Interface (WLAN, Zigbee, ANT +, Bluetooth)


Schematic capture and simulation:

  • SPICE and Simulink simulation

  • Layout: Mentor Expedition or Altium Designer



  • Multilayer

  • Test/production-optimized design

  • EMC optimized

Tests and Qualification:

Black-box testing/white-box testing

Usability Test


EMI / ESD (certified)

All relevant standard tests


Design for medical applications:

Security concepts

Galvanic isolation circuit

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