Development Services

As our customer, you will benefit from our expert know-how, our many years of experience and our detailed industry and expert knowledge. Through our extensive knowledge, our portfolio ranges from electronics, software and mechanics all the way to systems for safety-critical applications in clinical, preclinical and homecare applications as well as clinical studies. Our core expertise lies in the areas of electrostimulation, vital-sign sensors and biosignal analysis, gas analysis and mobile health. We cover projects with a technological focus through our broad technical knowledge.

Through our range of services, which consists of finished medical products, OEM modulesalgorithms and their respective customizations, we are able to respond to your needs. We implement these customizations as soon as possible. Corscience does so in close collaboration with you at a low cost.

For further questions or interest in a customization, we will gladly be of assistance to you.

Development Services with Industry and Special Knowledge:

As our customer, you will benefit from our industry experience. Our core expertise is in the areas of:


  • Electrostimulation

  • Ventilation

  • Gas Analysis

  • Vital-Sign Sensors and Biosignal Analysis

  • Mobile Health

Development Services für Medical Technology, System Development & Construction:

We cover projects with a technological focus through our broad expert knowledge. We accompany you through the entire development process and offer individual system, hardware and software solution, as well as mechanical designs, all from one source.

  • Medical Development - Hardware

  • Medical Development - Software

  • Mechanical design of medical devices

  • System Development and Project Management

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