Defibrillator Technology

You can find them in public buildings, train stations or at airports - Automated External Defibrillators (AED). With these devices, first responders can quickly and easily provide first aid to patients who suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest. By applying an electrical pulse to the patient, a sinus rhythm can be restored.


Apart from AEDs, there are also professional defibrillators for healthcare professionals, which are used in emergency medicine and rescue services. These are usually mobile multi-parameter monitors with a display, 12-channel ECG and defibrillator.


For the development of both devices (AEDs as well as professional defibrillators), Corscience offers completed base modules and technological building blocks. With the use of our PCBs you get the latest technology, and compliance with all relevant standards is guaranteed. The accompanying documentation allows for easy integration into your system. Through the use of tested technology, both development time as well as development costs can be reduced significantly.

Our solutions for you:
BDM65 & BDM75
Defibrillator Modules
AED Algorithms
Algorithm Development
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