COR12: 12 Channel Bluetooth ECG

The 12 channel Bluetooth ECG is a compact and compatible ECG device. This wireless solution grants the patient freedom to move during a resting or exercise ECG and provides doctors with a continuous stream of ECG-Data at a high level. The COR12 provides fast and secure transmission of the ECG data in real-time. It can be easily integrated into any customer’s operating environment. For the analysis and interpretation of the ECG parameters, Corscience recommends the ECG interpretation algorithm HES®.



  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth with a range of about 10-15m

  • EIM-Display through LEDs

  • Compatible with mobile applications, PCs and printers

  • Calculation of the heart rate

  • Pacemaker recognition

  • Sampling rate: 500 Hz

  • Serial Transmission Protocol

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