ChipOx Pulse Oximetry Board

With the SpO2 board "ChipOx", we offer you proven pulse oximetry technology on one of the industry’s smallest footprints. The module impresses with its low power consumption and is particularly suitable for battery-powered devices, mobile applications and multi-parameter monitors.


Apart from the classical measurements of pulse oximetry (SpO2 and pulse), the module offers a number of additional parameters. The extensive protocol allows the application in a wide variety of fields. It is the basis of comprehensive analyses, offline and in real-time. Thus, parameters such as the pulse transit time due to the available raw plethysmograph can be calculated easily. Statusbits, quality parameters and pulsation intensity constantly provide feedback about the quality and reliability of the measurements. Through various different modes, the sensitivity can be adjusted to ambient conditions.



  • Output of the raw plethysmograph in real-time

  • Adaptation to environmental parameters made possible through various modes

  • Safe patient monitoring through integrated maintenance and error reporting system

  • A variety of sensor types available

  • Feedback on signal quality and reliability

  • Idle (power saving) mode

  • Variable sampling

ChipOx Development Kit

The ChipOx Development Kit allows you to get to know our pulse oximeter module. Through the use of a serial interface cable, the development board is simply connected to the PC and the ChipOx can be put into operation and tested immediately.


The package includes:

  • Development Board

  • ChipOx

  • Finger clip sensor

  • Serial interface cable

  • Instructions

  • CD with PC software for signal representation

The development kit provides:

  • Possibility of recording ChipOx

  • Direct sensor connection

  • RS232 interface for direct connection to a PC

  • Analog outputs that are made available in a continuous (demultiplexed) form

  • Connection for power supply of 7V to 16V

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